Streets in Anambra are still Deserted on Mondays Despite Relaxing the sit-at-home-protest

Several streets in Anambra are still being deserted even after several announcements have been made by the government instructing the residents of Anambra to come out on Mondays and go about their regular businesses. 



A LatestNGnews reporter visited Nnewi over the weekend and heard on the megaphone when announcement was made instructing big and small business owners to not fear for their lives and safety, and come out on Monday to do their business. However, Banks, fuel stations, schools, all remained closed with little movement.


Our reporter visited several commercial hubs in the town, including the Motorcycle and Motor spare parts markets at Agbo-Edo Nwko Nnewi, and it was observed that all businesses were closed.


All banks along the always-busy bank road, along Ibeto street were all closed, cyber cafe, street food vendor, barbing salon, vulgarizers, POS stands, etc were all closed. Some of the streets were turned in to a mini football pitch by kids who live around the market areas.


LatestNGnews reporter approached one of the shop owners who declined speaking on record, she confirmed that truly, an announcement was made on Saturday, that Monday markets should now hold as usual, hinting that the sit-at-home protest is no longer in effect, but to the surprise of many, the announcer that made the announcement was killed over the weekend.



She neither confirmed nor declined if the death of the announcer is linked the announcement he made at the market on Saturday.


Another Shop owner who Identified himself and Mazi Ndukaku Ezike, disclosed (in his opinion ) that the people are not happy with the situation of things any longer, and no Igbo would in clear conscience open his or her business on Monday untill Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is released.



He also opined that the loyalty of the masses is now with the IPOB leader, and the government indirectly helped him gain such followership.


A quick trip to the famous Eke Otolo at the Igwe Nnewi’s Palace, there was some market activities going on, but it was mostly filled with peasant marketers who sell mostly food items and vegetables. 


Another stop was at the famous ahia Okpuno-Egbu in Umudim, LatestNGnews news reporters observed little commercial activities, as most of the sellers were hanging around at the entrance hunting for potential buyer.



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