Stephanie Curran Gives Birth to her baby while in coma, 14 weeks premature due to Covid

Stephanie Curran has miraculously given birth her baby while battling Novel Covid-19 virus, and the doctors had to place her in an induced coma while trying to save lives. The baby came 14 weeks earlier than the EDD, and weighed on 1lb. After regaining consciousness, the 28-year-old mom from East Kilbride, Scotland named her baby

, and is now narrating the horror that ended with a blessing.


Stephanie Curran who was already at her 26th week, contracted the deadly virus from her cab driver partner, and the stages progressed fast. She then was rushed to the hospital as her system was deteriorating, which at the point, she was having serious difficulties walking, breathing and increased body temperature.


Even at the hospital, her body didn’t respond to treatment as fast, due to her pregnancy, so she was transferred to the intensive care unit at Glasgow’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital. The doctors told her that she would have to welcome her baby earlier than anticipated so that they can give her body the covid treatment it deserve. She consented to this and was placed in a coma afterwards.


The following are her own words while narrating the events that led to the birth of her baby as she recalled;


“I was terrified. I couldn’t sleep on the last day of my isolation and kept panicking because I felt so bad. “I was struggling to breathe and couldn’t even walk to the toilet. I was told by NHS24 I just had to ride out Covid in isolation but the doctor checked me out and sent for an ambulance. I needed oxygen there and then.

Stephanie Currans Covid Miracle Baby Millie
Stephanie Currans Covid Miracle Baby Millie


“I waited so long for the ambulance to come my partner ended up having to take me, they said I could be waiting for up to an hour. “I was so naive thinking I was going to get better, I never thought it would have ended up like this. After being X-rayed the doctors told me Covid had destroyed my lungs and I went to intensive care.


“I was told they might have to deliver the baby but I didn’t think she would actually have to come out.” That night Stephanie was put into an induced coma and her baby was delivered by cesarean section. Millie prematurely entered the world at 1.44pm on October 15, weighing just 1lb and 15oz, and fitting into the palm of a hand.


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After she came out of coma the next morning, the doctor advised Stephanie not to be in a hurry to see her baby due to covid complication, which she adhered to those strict covid rules, and she had to wait for 4days before she could see her angel. But thankfully, all those work and patience paid off, as Millie (her new born baby) tested -ve for covid.


According to posts from the family Millie, now weighs 2lbs and 11oz at one month old, and is expected to be fully discharged into her family’s care, will be allowed home around her actual due date of January 15, 2022.


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