St. Lukes Catholic Church, Abuja Celebrates Holy Mass Using African Cultural Items

A Roman Catholic church in Abuja, St. Lukes Catholic Church, Kubwa, has started trending online after they celebrated Holy Mass on Sunday using African Traditional Items, and dressed in African cultural attires. 




This act was welcomed by many while some rejected and abolished it, saying it is not supposed to be done inside a church. Others cited that a mixture of Christian practices and traditional practices is simply unacceptable.


During the normal entrance procession, young men who are believed to be mass servers were seen followed the priests to the altar.



There wore white vests with a wrapper tied around their waists with white chalks used to place dots on some parts of their bodies.

Some ladies who tied wrappers around their waists and chests and had some beads on their hands, legs, and neck also participated in the mass.


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