Squid Game Overtakes Bridgerton as Netflix’s biggest Show

Squid Game has been making waves across the internet of the past week, and if the early viewership figures holds, Squid Game is on its way to becoming Netflix’s biggest TV show ever.



Despite being creepy and hyper-violent, K-series Squid Game which premiered on the Netflix last month in which 456 desperate contestants compete with each other in a mysterious and deadly survival game has a top prize of almost £30 million.

The characters take on a traditional children’s game such as Red Light Green Light, which losing out has an ultimate consequence of death. Though viewers have been left sickened by the rather disturbing scenes in the horror thriller series,


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Despite Squid Game being creepy and hyper-violentit, it has moved to become a global sensation that has topped the charts as the number one show in many countries, including the UK and the US.

Said to be a horrifying version of Takeshi’s Castle, some fans have repeatedly asked if the dystopian show which sheds light on staggering wealth inequalities, was in fact real.


Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos who said the series will “definitely be their biggest non-English-language show in the world”, added that there was “a very good chance it’s going to be their biggest show ever”.

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If this stands, the show will overtake Bridgerton which is Netflix’s current number one original show of all time. Bridgerton had 82 million subscribers tuning in to watch at least two minutes of the show in its first 28 days on the service, and a whopping 625 million total hours viewed within its first four weeks of release on the service.

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