‘Some of you are Wishes and Wizards’! — Korra Obidi Slams a Female Friend who told her she’ll loose her Kids Because she Doesn’t Wear Clothes

Some of you are Wishes and Wizards — Korra Obidi

Korra Obidi, US-based Nigerian dancer has slammed back at a female friend/follower who told her that her kids will be taken away from her (probably by the Government), because she doesn’t wear clothes.




This is coming just days after the Delta state influencer was slammed by her fans/followers online who accused her she’s always looking for attention with the types of clothes she wore to a wedding reception in Santa Monica, California.


In a video she said shared online, she put up picture online and the notifications started coming, which she ignored. She said she received the email from a female person she didn’t name, who told her that her kids will be taken away from her because she doesn’t wear clothes.


According to her, she said she didn’t know what to call it, but she took it as a joke and didn’t take it very serious, but then again she got the email notifications multiple times, which then got her really upset.



She said those who’re trying to use her kids against her dress code, threatened to take her kids away are withches and wizard, enemies of progress who wants to control her.

One of her viewers replied her sarcastically in the comments section saying;


My dear don’t mind them jare! Do they know how many followers and money you will lose if you start wearing clothes? Please don’t wear any clothes biko!! Enemies of progress everywhere! 🙃🙃🙃






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