Some Health Benefits of Bitter Kola and Alligator pepper

Bitter Kola is very good for your health, it improve your $ex drive, but contrary to what these generation knows, it  isn’t only good for $ex. Bitter kola do serve for a vast traditional purpose, it can be used to treat different ailments, so here are Some Health Benefits of Bitter Kola mixed with Alligator pepper


Alligator pepper is also highly medicinal, it contains nutrients that can enhance your well-being. Coconut water is good for your health. It’s refreshing and tasty. It contains many nutrients needed for your well-being.

Full disclosure:  I wish to state that I am no medical practitioner and I have no license to practice medicine. What I am about sharing is my personal knowledge that was pass down to me by my parents and their parents before them.


Now that I have gotten that out of the way, here are Some Health Benefits of Bitter Kola and Alligator, pepper but first things first, get the following Ingredients:



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1. Bitter kola.
2. Alligator pepper.
3. Coconut water.
4. Container.

Method Of Preparation:
1. Get coconut water and pour in a bowl.
2. Get bitter kola and alligator pepper. Cut them them into pieces.
3. Put the bitter kola and alligator pepper, in the bowl that contains the coconut water.
4. Allow it to soak for seven days.

On the seventh day bring it out and drink the juice once in a day.

Health Benefits Of The Mixture:
1. This mixture gets rid of respiratory problem.
2. It burns fat.
3. It reduce pains in the body.
4. This mixture help treat diabetes.
5. It treats prostate cancer in men.
6. It help cure asthma.
7. Drinking this juice reduce your blood sugar level.
8. It get rid of inflammation.
9. It expel harmful toxins from the body.
10. This mixture reduce blood pressure.


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Please remember that this knowledge on Some Health Benefits of Bitter Kola shared with you is not to be mistaken with a a proper medication. Endeavor to see a healthcare professional ass soon a possible to proper guidance and counselling.


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