Social commentator who predicted Peter Obi and Datti Baba Ahmed in 2022, Praised for After her Prediction Came True

Social media users have praised a lady who made and call and predicted that Mr Peter Obi and Mr Datti Baba Ahmed should be Nigeria’s next president and vice-president.



Several internet users tagged her a prophetess and encouraged her to open a church after Datti Ahmed was unveiled today as Labour Party’s vice-presidential candidate / Mr Peter Obi’s running mate, under the political platform of the labour party.


The post was made in July 2020, by a  social commentator Chidubem Onyejemuo.She shared photos of Peter Obi and Datti Ahmed with the caption:




“This should be our President & Vice President come 2023…. If to say we get sense…”


Her post gained fresh attention after today’s announcement and Facebook users trooped to her old post to call her a prophetess.


Many asked her to prophesy into their lives and some people suggested she opens a church. Others suggested that she edited her caption recently.






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