So sad! Grieving Mothers storm Ojodu Grammar school in Search of Their children or Even Parts of Them

The tales of the accident that rocked the Ojodu area in Lagos state yesterday, 7th December won’t be forgotten in a hurry, what started as a normal day for many school children quickly turned to their deaths and in turn became a horrible nightmare to their mothers.




There are no official figure placed on the casualties, but with the number of grieving mothers and fathers that stormed today who were looking for their kids or even parts of them, it is safe to say the causalities is quite a lot.


However, authorities have said that there are 2 casualties from the unfortunate event, both of them being students of the school, but the number of parents who stormed the school today would suggest otherwise.

REXPNZ --CONTINUE READING BELOW-- correspondent who spoke to some of the parents revealed that they’re in the school because they have not heard from their kids and ward who went to school yesterday and hasn’t returned since.



Some said they have been their since yesterday after they heard the news of the accident, while some said they came individually only to meet a large number of other parents who stormed the school premises this morning in search of their children.


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