Small Boy Turns Spiderman, Climbs and Sticks on the Wall to Escape His Mother’s Beating (Video)

Small Boy Turns Spiderman Climbs and Sticks on the Wall to Escape His Mothers Beating

A small boy has been seen at the moment he climbed and remained on the wall just to evade punishement from his mother, this was seen in a trending video share on Twitter by a user.



A video has captured the moment a boy mimicked a Marvel character, Peter Paker, otherwise known to many kids as Spiderman to another level to avoid being disciplined by his mother.



In the clip, the boy could be seen hanging on the wall while his mother held a slipper and spanked him at the slightest opportunity she had.



The video which has wowed many left social media users asking how he got there and maintained his grip on a smooth surface with no aiding equipment.




The boy who was keen on evading his mother’s beating by all means surprisingly began to crawl on the wall gradually, and remained there when he reached at the top of the wall.



Netizens have been left to wonder, what kind of kids do people give birth to these days, while accounting for the safety of the boy, so that he won’t slip and fall on his head, which maybe dangerous or even fatal







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