Small Boy Driving Benz Insults a Girl after he asked for her Number and she Refused (Video)

he asked for her Number and she Refused

A small boy who owns and drives a benz has been accused of insulting a girl simply because he met the girl at a local eatery, asked for her phone number and the girl refused.




The video of the incident was shared by the lady on her tik-tok page, who said they insulted her and said she’s broke. She maintained that being broke wasn’t a crime even after she was shamed by some boys.


They were about to enter their Benz cars and saw the girl entering okada (commercial motorcyclist), and shamed her for refusing to give them her number, adding that the boys later shared the video to their IG page, which was where she got some of it.



The boys were heard shouting “how e be now” repeatedly after spotting her on an okada. According to the lady, she got some parts of the video from the boys’ Instagram page after it was shared there.






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