Slay Queen Stuck in Taxi with the Driver for Being Unable to Pay her ₦700 Taxi fare (Video)

Why bother booking a taxi when you clearly know that you have no money, cash or wireless with you? That’s the question that has been thrown at a later after she got stuck in a taxi with the driver.




In the video @ohenkay shared, the lady was seen trying to call someone to send the money after they’ve gotten to the he destination.



The driver and the passenger went back and forth after he repeatedly told her he’s wasting his time and he needs his money.



The driver called his account number so that the lady who was passenger can send him the taxi far, but the lady was pretending that it was a phone number.



Netizens who saw the clip reacted against it, saying that these girls deliberately book a taxi when they clearly know that they’ve got no money to pay for their fare.





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