Six Conditions Federal Government Gave Twitter if The Ban is to be Lifted

It is gradually getting to 300 days since Twitter was indefinitely banned in Nigeria, on 5 June 2021. However, several Nigerians living in Nigeria still uses a virtual private network to bypass the network restrictions and still use Twitter.



However, delegations from Twitter have been meeting with some selected Nigerian officials discussing the terms which the micro-blogging giant must meet, if the indefinite ban imposed on them by the FG should be lifted.


Here are the 6 six conditions which the FG gave to twitter which was made clearer as their delegation progresses, and according to FG, all these conditions must be met are as follows;



1.  Open an office in Nigeria
2.  Have a country representative
3.  Register with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)/get National Broadcasting Commission’s license


4.  Payment of fair taxes
5.  Sensitive to national security and cohesion. It must not undermine the nation’s security
6.  Train Nigerian IT personnel and strategic intelligence officers on how to report twitter abuse /infractions noticed by the government.


There are also unconfirmed speculation that the federal government might amend the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) Act to include other USA-based social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and other social media platforms which are used in Nigeria.

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