Sir Paul Otuonye Thanks his Heavens as His Uncle and Wife Escaped Assassination in Owerri by Unknown Gun Men

A Nigerian facebook user, Paul Otuonye has thanked his heavens for the life of his uncle and his wife whose life were miraculously saved by the attacks of the unknown gun men in Owerri, the capital city of Imo state.


Sharing this good news on his fb page Paul said that that he is still reeling in shock and disbelief, as one could imagine his own family could be affected by the insecurity issue in the country, 


His post which was shared on Facebook reads;


My uncle and his wife escaped death by the whiskers orchestrated by Unknown Gun Men around Owerri.


From the picture, you can see his official car being riddled with bullets. The intent of course was to kill them. By Providence of God’s divine grace and protection, they were saved.


I am most grateful to the maker of Heaven and Earth for sparing my uncle and his wife’s life.

Paul Otuonye
As Shared by Paul Otuonye

I am still reeling in shock and disbelief.  Dear friends, please join me in thanking God Almighty God for his protection.



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