Simple Natural Remedy to Reduce Cholesterol From Your System

Today I will be sharing with you some Simple Natural Remedy to Reduce Cholesterol From Your System. It is a simple remedy but I can attest that it  is absolutely effective. I use it to clean my system from cholesterol that might found it’s way into my system through bleached palm oil (measuring groundnut oil) and other harmful stuffs we buy and use on daily basis.



Now Before I would like to state clearly that I am not a/your health advisor, everything I am about to share with you is purely based off on my personal knowledge and experience. Always seek the professional advice from a licensed health care provider. More importantly, Pregnant women should please not use this ❌.


What You’ll Need to Prepare a Simple Natural Remedy to Reduce Cholesterol From Your System

1. Two or more apples (Any apple will do)
2. Lemon grass (some may know it as Fever grass)
3. Clean pot
4. Clean Water.
5. Wash all



Step 1: Cut the apples into smaller sizes,

Step 2: Pour into the clean pot

Step 3: Add some lemon grass into the pot as well.

Step 4: Pour in water to cover up the mixture,


Step 5: Boil on a low heat for 10mins

Step 6: Sieve into a container and store.

Depending on how fast your cooker is, you’ll see the mixture nutrients from the apples and lemon grass settling into the water, bring down and allow to hotness to cool. 


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Dosage and Usage

✅A glass cup of this mixture twice daily (Anytime of the day). Personally I prefer before breakfast and 1hr before brushing my teeth at night for bed.

✅Take for two weeks and rest.


Nutritional Contents of the Mixture and Advantages

Apples contain a nutrient called pectin which helps the body in reducing the absorption of fat through the cells.
*Boiled apples and lemon grass tea does not only work on your cholesterol and fat, they also help to maintain a good sugar level as well as aid digestion and treat constipation.


Other benefits of this Natural Remedy to Reduce Cholesterol

*It also help to relieve anxiety as well as address infection.
*It boosts red blood cell levels and helps in oral health.
*For those with recurring unexplainable body aches/pain, this remedy will do you a lot of good as well.


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