Shops Burnt, Businesses Destroyed, Several People Injured or Dead, as Hausas Invade Dei Dei Market in Abuja (Video)

Hausas Invade Dei Dei Market in Abuja

Several business have been burnt and destroyed, while up to  a dozen person were left injured or dead as hausa/fulani mob invaded the popular Dei Dei Market in Abuja on Wednesday, May 18, 2022.




It was gathered that fight broke out after an Igbo woman who was a passenger of a Hausa man, died in a fatal accident, due to the recklessness of the motorcyclist carrying her, while the okada rider survived and ran away.



His bike was burnt after he narrowly escaped jungle justice, but his hasua/fulani brothers came in their forces and burnt the businesses of the Igbo people, who mostly dominate the Dei Dei market.




The hausa/fulani mob continued to ravage the market and it’s environs, they blocked the expressway, attacked motorists, and burnt the shops and cars of the traders who sell building materials at the Dei Dei International Timber Market.


In one of the video obtained by, a man was heard crying in his local language, saying that the goods lost in the fire which was set by the hausa/fulani mob were worth over 1b naira.




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