Shop Owner Shares CCTV Footage of a Young Boy Who Came to Shop and Stole iPhone 13 Pro Max

An aggrieved mobile phones and accessories dealer has taken to social media to share CCTV footage of a young boy in his 20’s who walked into a his phone shop to steal  an iPhone 13 Prom Max.



According to the phone dealer, who goes by – Gadget Plug 🔌 @OlayinkaSuraj on twitter, he said the boy fronted as buyer but instead he stole Iphone 13 pro Max instead. He then shared CCTV photos of the boy and offered a reward (in fee) for anyone who’ll give credible information about the phone thief.


Posting on his twitter handle on Sunday, June 12, 2022, he wondered how can a person dress up, leave their home, walk into a store only to steal. He added that one of his colleague was robbed at his place of business just last week, He then shared the images of the boy with a caption which reads;



It’s crazy how people leave their homes just to come rob us at the market. It is very mad when you think about it and wallahi this guy might have just messed with the wrong shop.

One of my colleagues shop was robbed yesterday, please RT quoted tweet. 🙏🏽




There is a fee for anyone that can provide the whereabouts of this guy

He came into a shop to steal a brand new iPhone 13 Pro max. I’ll be posting videos as thread

If you have any info, you can me send a dm or dm, 08125734015 via WhatsApp

Please RT till he’s nabbed‼️




clipimage 2







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