Sheikh Nuru Khalid gets a new mosque after he was sacked for preaching ‘anti-Buhari government’ sermon

Sheikh Nuru Khalid

Sheikh Nuru Khalid an Abuja cleric of and Imam, who was sacked last week for preaching against the Buhari-led administration and the incessant shed of blood, has gotten a new mosque.


This is coming barely 1 week after Sheikh Nuru Khalid’s position as the Chief Imam of National Assembly Mosque Zone E, Apo Legislators’ Quarters, Gudu District, Abuja, was terminated 


He secured his new appointment from the Management Committee of a new Jum’mat Mosque behind the Central Bank Nigeria (CBN) Quarters, Abuja, and is expected to lead the congregation with effect from Friday, April 8.


Confirming his new appointment, Khalid described the termination of his appointment by the mosque’s management committee as a necessary price he had to pay for identifying with the suffering masses and speaking truth to power.



He said;

“By the Grace of Almighty Allah, I will be leading my new congregation this Friday, because as clerics we need a platform to operate.



“There’s a Jum’mat mosque we built behind the CBN Quarters, in Abuja; I will now be leading the congregation there.”






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