Sheikh Gumi Finally vows to stop Advocating for Killer Bandits

Ahmad Gumi, a controversial islamic cleric who has been vocal in support of the killer bandits and herdsmen before and after they were declared a terrorist organization by the federal government, has come out to say that it is time for him for him to stop advocating for the group.  



Gumi who came out to say that declaring these bandits as terrorists won’t change anything has rather shocked his followers without any prior heads-up,  when stated that he will no longer take part in negotiations with bandits.


He made his latest intentions and decision of stopping to advocate for killer bandits in a interview with TVC news earlier today, saying;



“We do not want to push the bandits beyond what they are presently doing because it can get worse. Why are you rushing to declare them terrorists when they are willing to negotiate?


Speaking further, Gumi added, “The remaining door of negotiating with them are the clerics, but the door is now closed. I will not contact them again because that would mean one is aiding terrorists.”


Mixed reactions have continued to trail the declaration of bandit groups as terrorist organizations by a Nigerian court last week, after the various attacks and criminal activities carried out by bandits in the Northern part of the country.


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