Several People Laugh at a Woman who was Praying for a mad man in Lagos (Video)

Woman praying for  a mad man in Lagos

Woman praying for  a mad man in Lagos – A video of a lady who was seriously praying for a mentally challenged man in Lagos has been shared online, surprisingly, several Nigerians who reacted to the video laughed at the woman.




They also argued that the woman was seriously trying to make a name for herself and go viral by praying for the challenged man instead of giving him food and money or take him to a psychiatric home.


The video since it was shared on twitter by a user @foreverdeb_, has gone viral and has raised several controversial discussions among young people. Deb shared the video on twitter with a caption which reads;’


Lagos is a wild place, I just witnessed a female evangelist trying to forcefully cure a mad man, screaming and praying and the man dey talk ‘I don hear abeg dey go’ 🤣🤣



At first she didn’t share the video, until some persons claimed she wasn’t truthful, then she shared the video, adding that it happened in Lagos with tag;



I am not even joking. 😭😭


The lady could be seen praying for the man while he was seated… watch the video below







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