Senator Shehu Sani tells Buhari Govt to Declare Bandits as Civil Servants

Several calls have been made by several bodies to the federal government to declare bandits, the Senate first made the call to declare bandits as terrorists, then the House of Reps followed suit, lately the Kaduna State Gov. El-Rufai, and several other concerned Nigerians who in one way or the other made a clarion call to the president to declare bandits as terrorists 



However, all those calls that were made were all ignored by the president, which led a former senator representing Kaduna Central, Shehu Sani in his opinion, asked the government to declare bandits as federal civil servants since it is becoming hard for them to pronounce them terrorists.


He wrote: “They [bandits] killed Muslim worshipers in their mosques in Niger and Katsina State; they killed Christians in their Churches in Kaduna State; if the Government doesn’t want to declare them terrorists, it should declare them federal civil servants.”



Reacting to the killings of Muslim worshipers in their mosques in Niger and Katsina State; as well as the killings of Christians in their Churches in Kaduna, the former lawmaker represented Kaduna Central District at the 8th Assembly wondered why the Buhari government are yet to declare bandits’ groups in the North as terrorists.

Perhaps declaring these bandits as civil servants and adding them to the national payroll will be the next line of action, since it is difficult for the Biuhari – led government to declare these bandits as terrorists.



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