Sen. Dino Melaye Demands an Apology from Peter Obi After an Outburst Against him at the Presidential town hall Meeting (video)

Sen Deino Melaye, Presidential campaign council spokesperson, of the PDP, has berated Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi, for lashing out at him at the Presidential town hall meeting last night.


Obi replied Dino after one of the attendees stood up to question the presidential candidates and someone who he presumed to be Dino Melaye said in the background saying “Na wa o, Obi people.” On hearing the words, Peter Obi responded to Dino saying;


“Stop that Dino. Why are you always calling me? I won’t take that. This man is from ANPP. Why are you calling him Obi people?” 


Reacting to Obi’s response after townhall meeting, Dino released a video saying that there was no incident that warranted Obi lashing out at him in that manner.



According to him, Obi’s character is unpresidential. He also mentioned that with his outburst, Obi will slap his Aide-de-camp (ADC) if he is made president. He asked the former Anambra state governor to tender an apology to him.







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