Sell his house to raise ₦20m ransom, Kidnappers tell Family of HRH Alhaji Hassan Shamidozhi

The Abucted Monarch HRH Alhaji Hassan Shamidozhi

The abductors of HRH Alhaji Hassan Shamidozhi, the traditional ruler of Bukpe community in Kwali area council of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), has told his family to sell his home so as to raise the money for ransom.



According to a family member who spoke to Daily Trust on Sunday morning, the kidnappers has vowed that the monarch will remain in captivity until their demands are met. Asked how they will raise the ₦20m ransom, the the family member revealed to the publication that they’ve been asked to sell their home so as to raise the money.

“In fact, even on Saturday, morning, they called and directed the family to go and sell his house so that they can raise N20m ransom for them,” he said.



“One of the family members that they were communicating with told them that even house the chief is residing in is not worth ₦5 million,”.




According to him, the leader of the kidnappers threatened to keep the monarch in their custody even if it takes a year to raise the ₦20 million ransom.




HRH Alhaji Hassan Shamidozhi was abducted in his home on Wednesday March 30, while the monarch was seated in front of his palace taking fresh air. 






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