See How Much It Cost in 1982 to Heir Hall at Eko Club

Nostalgia is a feeling you get when something from past is resurfaced or remembered, you can’t help but begin to have sentimental feeling as to how things were and how much its changed over these years.




You could imagine paying ₦200 for car or ₦500 for piece of land or ₦90 for plane ticket. You can’t help to wish for days like that to come again but truth it, it’s close to impossible to happening again.

Internet users were filled with nostalgic feeling when a payment receipt showing how much it cost in 1982 to heir a hall and a whole compound in famous Eko club and events center. According to a twitter user, An old receipt showing the cost of renting a hall and compound for a wedding party at Eko Club, Surulere, Lagos in 1982, it cost only ₦500.

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