See Harsh Conditions Nigerian Soldier Pass Through while Fighting Terrorists

Harsh Conditions Nigerian Soldier Pass Through

A video has surfaced online which several of the harsh conditions and work environments Nigerian soldiers have to pass through in Nigeria in other to fight Boko-haram and other terrorists




Some Nigerian soldiers, according to the video, were seen working in the rain as they revealed in a trending video what they pass through to keep the country safe and earn a living while doing it.



In the video, one of the soldiers could be seen reminding those who asked him for money to see the rigorous job he does to make money. in his words;


”Before you bill me you dey see am. Inside rain. Under the sun and in the rain.” 

One of his colleagues echoed


”Nor be child’s play.”


This has raised serious concerns among several Nigerian, especially after a video went viral some time ago which showed the moment soldiers intercepted a vehicle carrying several supplies being transported to terrorists inside the bush.



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