Schools in Nigeria is not it, I am Happy That ASUU is on Strike — Happy Nigerian Student (Video)

School is in Nigeria is not it I am Happy That ASUU is on Strike

A female Nigerian student has been seen in an interview saying that she is happy that The Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, who are currently on strike is a good thing to her and that she likes it.





The female student who is said to be a student of LASU, explained that she is into photography and the strike will give her time to focus on her passion.



“I’m happy, it’s good news, one is serious about school in Nigeria anymore, not even the government, as a result, she said young people have to find other things asides school to keep themselves busy,” 




“Obviously, no one is serious with school in this country, including the government themselves. So, you just have to find something going on for yourself, something that works for you, and school is not it.”




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