Scammer Gideon Osili Tracked and Nabbed by his Victim Okoli Jonathan

What started as a happy day quickly turned and changed to a very unhappy day for a facebook user who has been tagged as a hungry Scammer Gideon Osili, when his victim Okoli Johnathan tracked and arrested him to in Lagos for scamming him of ₦800,000.




According to Johnathan, Gideon Osili, posted on his page to have Transferwise funds for sell and Johnathan contacted him, after price bargaining and deliberation to use Gideon late agreed to the price but refused on using an escrow.


Johnathan being in need of the transferwise funds had to agree to the terms of the seller and send him ₦800,000 which was supposed to be the payment for $2k transferwise funds at the rate of 400/$. But hungry Scammer Gideon Osili didn’t hold up his own end of the bargain. Read the full story below as it was narrated by Johnathan. 


Supposed Proof of Payment


Yesterday, 6th of October. I was scammed 800k. By this criminal Itz Gideon Osili 👈  The notorious scammer blocked me, and blocked my numbers from calling him. He was in Lagos. He started posting that he has $10,000 worth of transferwise funds for sale and I messaged him for it… We first agreed to use escrow but he didn’t agree on all those in recommended.

Gideon Osili Facebook Page



Later, I had to trust him and send money for $2,000 first. Hoping that if the deal go successful I will pay for the rest. Funny enough, the dude doesn’t even have $1 to sell…. Nothing at all.  So I paid for $2k (400/$ = 800k). He started telling me stories till 2 hours. I got tired and told him to refund me, that I am no longer interested.

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He quickly blocked me. I threatened him with different numbers on WhatsApp, but he ignored and blocked me. I quickly contacted Kudabank and they placed his account on restriction. (thanks.), while processing for a court order to arrest him and block all his accounts. Funny enough, the dude received 800k, and withdrew 200k cash. What for? I don’t know o.


Not only that, he first sent 10k to one of his babe, and another 3k to another babe. We tracked him down to his father’s house yesterday and seized him. His mother and sisters cried profusely, saying this is not the first time he is stealing. He scammed the wrong person. A whole Mazi like Me 😂 😂 😂


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Anyways, I have gotten back my money 😁.  Be careful.


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