Sacred Heart Parish Odoakpu-Onitsha Gifts Parishioners ₦5m worth of Empowerment (Photos)

Sacred Heart Catholic Parish, Odoakpu-Onitsha, has gifted several members of her parish, support and empowerment in tune of ₦5m. The empowerment was geared towards the less privileged members of the parish who pass through certain screen and criteria.



In a post shared on their fb page on Sunday, 3rd July, 2022, the parish priest thanked all who made the project which was created from the message of Archbishop Valerian Okeke, who visited the parish on 25th July 2021, titled  “We are all stewards of Creation”* This post reads;



The Lord provides for us through others persons. In the Bible, a man came from Baal-shalishah, bringing the man of God (Elisha) bread of the first fruits, twenty loaves of barley, and fresh ears of grain. Elisha used it to feed the people, 2kings 4:42~44.


In the Gospel according to Matthew 14:17-18,20; Jesus fed the four thousand persons with seven loaves and a few small fish. Equally, in the Gospel of John 6:9, the Word narrates the feeding of the five thousand persons with five barley loaves and two fish; provided by a little boy. All these Miracles and many more, underscores the Providing hands of God of Creation.



Archbishop Valerian Maduka Okeke said during his pastoral visit to SHP ODOAKPU on the 25th July, 2021, that the God of Providence delight in providing for His Children from among them. Hence, We are all stewards of Creation.


In compliance with this admonition,
Sacred Heart Parish Odoakpu celebrates today the 3rd July, the Five Million Naira empowerment programme for the less privileged parishioners.




Special Thanks to the Parish Empowerment Committee chaired by the great woman of integrity; the CWO President: Lady Ifeoma Adimorah, the committee Secretary, Mr Onyeka Ozoudeokpoko, a life coach and author of several better~yourself books, CMO president Comrd Obinna Ezeilo and CYON president, Mr Joe Odimegwu and to all the members of the committee.



Gratitude to the Vice chairman and all the councillors for their support and suggestions towards the fulfillment of this project.



To our Faith Filled Parishioners of SHP Odoakpu Onitsha, may the Gate of blessings never close on you.Thank you for your generous donations to this Project.
You are blessed if God blesses others through you. Happy Sunday.
3rd July, 2022







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