Russia Becomes to Most Sanctioned Country After Invading Ukraine (Has More Sanctions Than Iran and North Korea)

Russia, under president Vladimir Putin, has become to most sanctioned country following the invasion of Russian military into Ukraine almost 2 weeks ago.


Several prominent countries with governing economies has since then place bans and sanctions on Russia, but the restrictions don’t seem to stop or at least slow down the invasion, rather it has affected the lives of citizens in both nations.


Difficulties to access and use several social amenities, long queues in ATM stands as seen in Moscow, social unrest, protests, arrests and detentions including small school kids, banning of social media channels like Facebook, Twitte, and many others


As at 1st of March 2022, there are confirmed reports that over 100 companies have left the Russian market and the list has just been growing over since, with several more joining showing support for Ukraine and indefinitely terminating their trade with Russia.


With (Prime Minister of Canada) Justin Trudeau’s visit to the UK on Monday, where he’ll be discussing Russia and Ukraine with UK’s Prime Boris Johnson and Olaf Scholz (Chancellor of Germany), it is expected that more sanctions and restrictions will come out of the meeting. 

Countries That have left Russian Markets
Countries That have left Russian Markets



In a new record, Russia has beaten Iran and North Korea to become the world’s most sanctioned country and this has happened in a span of just 10 days.


In a surge of action led by the U.S. and EU, Russia became the target of 2,778 new sanctions designations, bringing them to more than 5,530, according to Castellum. AI, a global sanctions-tracking database.


That surpassed Iran, which has confronted 3,616 sanctions against it over the course of a decade, most for its nuclear program and support of terrorism.


About Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin is not only the president of Russia, he is also the most powerful person on the planet and has in his possession the largest arsenal of nuclear weapons, which adds a plus to his importance and therefore to his personal security.


He became president in 2012 and has remained in office till date. He is also reportedly the richest man in the world with an impregnable net worth. Vladimir Putin is known to be the most protected man on earth.






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