Room and Parlor in Lagos now is ₦500k — Twitter user Cries out as he asks Form Government Intervention

House rent in Lagos

A twitter user has cried out for the government’s intervention after seeing an apartment in Lagos, and was asked to pay ₦500k yearly rent, with 2years rents as first pay.




Twitter user @Morris_Monye who made the call, said that he was trying to help out a fellow get settled, by paying rent for this person, only to find out that the price of rent has skyrocket, adding that the landlord was also asking for 2years rent upfront.


Posting on his twitter page, who wrote;



”Someone called that she saw accommodation in Mushin for a single bed with parlor. I tell her no problem that I will foot the bill for her. As an afterthought, I ask her how much she said rent is ₦500k.




Ok I send my guy there to meet the landlord directly and it’s indeed ₦500k Govt should do something about the high cost of rents in Lagos. The landlord even demanded 2yrs rent.”




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