ROKTV Boss, Mary Njoku Shares Financial Advice for Ladies

ROKTV Boss, Mary Njoku who have been vocal about how women are often subjected to housewife duties and endless chores, which may even end up to the lady’s man demanding for $*x even after she’s tired at the end of the day, has shared her 2 cents of thoughts to fellow women how to mitigate or even avoid finding themselves in such position.




In her opinion; Mary Njoku suggested that women should find themselves a source of generating revenue, as it will end unnecessary attitudes some women endure on daily basis from their man.


The self-made CEO said this while reacting to a tweet made by a man who was boasting on the space that  his woman denied him of $*x while they were on a Dubai Trip.



In her words; Mary Njoku said;

“I read something online and it’s disturbing. Women are not sex toys! We have sex because we enjoy it too. And shouldn’t be forced by ‘house rent’ to do things we don’t want to. Hustle Sisters! Men don’t have the monopoly of making money!


“You carry babe go one week trip. She no gree do. You post her pictures online because you buy tickets. Sisters of this generation dey disappoint with their choices sha,” she wrote.


In May 2021, Mary also pointed out that women are humans and not robots. The 35-year-old said this in an Instagram post where she stated that raising children is tasking and that husbands should do more to help.


“Haba!! Body no be firewood. We have to either choose one or do a little of both. And Oga has to do a little of both too. To create a balance. Women are humans, not robots,


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