Rivers, Cross River and Benue State Showcases Traditional Dance Moves as Nigeria Consulate-General holds Nigeria Cultural Show in New York

Rivers (Port Harcourt), Cross River (Calabar) and Benue State has showcased the various traditional dance moves from their various tribes as Consulate-General of Nigeria in New York plays host to the second rendition of the Nigeria Cultural Show which was held in the states.



Amb. Zubairu Dada who is the current Minister of State for Foreign Affairs who was in attendance, expressed satisfaction over the event, stating that the event was held with the intention to showcase Nigeria’s diverse traditions and promote cultural tourism, economic growth and foreign direct investment. 


In his words;

“Your continued support in the promotion of Nigeria’s potential and achievements in various fields of human endeavours is commendable,” 


“We will continue to collaborate with you for the greater glory of Nigeria as we invite you to join hands with the mission and the government of Nigeria in attracting development to your home country.”



He went further to explain that the first rendition of the cultural show which was h five months ago yielded positive results, saying that some U.S. tourists travelled to Nigeria shortly after attending the.


Amongst many reasons, Dada revealed that several of these US tourists who visited Nigeria after the cultural event, did so with the sole purpose of to experiencing the Osun Osogbo Festival in August in person. Back then, the event showcased the Argungu Fishing Festival and the Osun Osogbo Festival.


The minister thanked the General-Consulate and the Nigerian people who live in the US that help promote Nigeria’s diverse and rich culture and for supporting the events and participating in displaying their cultural attires at the show.


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