Rival NURTW thugs Throws Bottles and Fight Each other at With Stones And Cutlasses, while Police Stood back and Watch (Video)

Rival NURTW thugs Throws Bottles and Fight Each other at With Stones And Cutlasses while Police Stoodby and Watch

There was heated misunderstanding which brew in a full-fledged fight at at Iyana-Iba in the Ojo Local Government Area of Lagos State on Tuesday, September 28, as two rival NURTW groups threw bottles and stones at each other while at distant, while wielding a machete




According to various reports of the incident which was shared by several eyewitness on Twitter, the fight was later diffused but it claimed 1 life. Videos from the scene show young men holding stones and cutlasses as they approach their rivals. Stones can be seen flying in every direction.


Uniformed policemen who were at the scene appeared to be outnumbered so they stayed away from engaging either of the group, further reports revealed that serenity was later restored to the area. One Twitter user caught up in the chaos wrote:


“As dirty as iyana iba market is… I really didn’t mind today, I just wanted to save my dear life, I had to jump down from the bike. Those guys were really prepared.”




Several persons who reacted to the video via comments, claimed that the thugs who were seen at each others necks were loyalists of a presidential candidate






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