Ritualist Caught red-handed After he dug a Grave in his Room to Bury his victim alive (Video)

A house neighbour who has been suspected to be ritualist has been caught by his co-tenants after he dug a grave in his room and was attempting to bury his victim alive.



Eyewitnesses who are believed to be his compound neighbours,  were heard in the video shared online as they were saying that the man ”wants to drive a Benz,”


They also disclosed that the incident happened barely 1 week into the new year on January 6, 2022.



There are conflicting reports on who the victim was online. While some claimed it was his girlfriend, others alleged that it’s a boy he sent out on an errand.


They were also heard saying that the man must go to prison, that what he did is unspeakable and inhumane!



Also in the video which was shared online, a voice of a lady was heard in the background, saying that she had repeatedly said the man is evil, but no one believed her.


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