Rev Kukah Saved his Neck by Staying pleased & displeased on both sides, in his Message to Tinubu — Sen Shehu Sani

Sen Shehu Sani, has noted that his Lordship, Rev Matthew Kukah, the Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, has saved his neck by staying pleased and depleased at the same time, in his manage to Bola Tinubu. The clergyman who advised Bola Tinubu in an Easter message, urged him  to prioritise the security of Nigerians when he assumes office on May 29.



Rev Kukah maintained that the mission to revive the minds of citizens is urgent as it will reposition the country on the path to greatness. His message at the time reads;


“I am hopeful that you will appreciate that the most urgent task facing our nation is not infrastructure or the usual cheap talk about dividends of democracy. These are important but first, keep us alive because only the living can enjoy infrastructure,” 


He also asked Tinubu to eliminate chains of ethnic and religious bigotry and to recover the country from the “men of darkness”.



“For now, the most urgent mission is to start a psychological journey of making Nigerians feel whole again, of creating a large tent of opportunity and hope for us all, of expanding the frontiers of our collective freedom, of cutting off the chains of ethnicity and religious bigotry, of helping us recover from the feeling of collective rape by those who imported the men of darkness that destroyed our country, of recovering our country and placing us on the path to our greatness, of exorcising the ghost of nepotism and religious bigotry,”




Kukah called on the youths to embrace peace following the protests that trailed the outcome of the elections in the country. He noted that the youths had a right to be angry but asked them to transform it into a motivation to legally seek justice.



Reacting to the Message, Human Rights Activist, Sen Shehu Sani, noted that Kukah was wise enough to stay neutral in his message, citing that if he saved his neck by showing he’s pleased and displeased. Shehu shared his tweet on Monday morning and it reads;



Kukah said Nigerians are frustrated with the outcome of the election but called on the President elect to secure the country.He pleased & displeased both sides & saved his neck.The Lions & the Tigers will be roaring but confused whether to devour him or just pass & leave him.





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