Respect will come Naturally if the husband Become a servant in his Family — Woli Arole

Woli Arole

Nigerian actor and comedian has opined that natural respect to a man in his household, will come naturally when the man makes himself a servant in his own home, to his wife and kids.




Woli made this statement while speaking in an interview with TVC host Morayo Afolabi-Brown, on the talk show, “Your View”. 



He also revealed how family background and African man mentality almost ruined his home, but he personally fought against it to better himself and his marriage.



Woli who is married to Yemi Arole, spoke on the interview, not long after they welcomed their baby number 2, said;



“There are times that my wife will be at home and I will do some stuff in the house, she will go out and then comes back and I released that I’ve washed plates in the house,


I am a comfortable plate washer, I’m excited to wash plates, I change pampers, that’s the fact. If my wife is cooking, I follow her to the kitchen.


“The moment you’re a husband, you become a servant, you will serve your wife, you will serve your son and respect will come to you naturally.”



He made these statements while explaining the fact that it is his job as much it is the duty of his wife, to raise their child together




Watch a clip from the interview below…



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