Residents in shock as Man Continuously Shouts “Women are More Wicked Than Men”

Residents in shock as Man Continuously Shouts Women are More Wicked Than Men

Some residents have been thrown in a state of confusion after an unidentified man dressed corporately with his suite, stood on top of a hip of stand and was creating a scene.




The man who didn’t just draw the attention of the passersby and the onlookers, was busy shouting “women are more wicked than men ooooo”. Some say that the man must’ve had a negative encounter with a lady so he was using the medium to cool off some steam.



He didn’t care about the attention he was drawing to himself as she was busy making his lamentations, while nearby shop owners looked in astonishment and amusement at the same time.



As the video was shared on Twitter on Wednesday, some wondered why a corporately dressed man would create such a scene on early morning like this.




By the expression and dress code, one could easily dictate him to be an evangelist jehova witness, since he could be seen holding what looked like a bible.



Some onlookers who wondered what could’ve prompted the man to embark on this kind of evangelism, kept asking him how and why, but the man, deaf to their questions, continued lamenting.







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