Reno Omokri Urges Salle’s Handles to Make her Retain her Innocence

Reno Omokri Urges Salle’s Handlers to Make her Retain her Innocence in a call made by to gospeller to the singer’s handlers saying he wishes the singer well, and also asking God Almighty to bless and prosper her despite preferring her former look compare the the recent ones that have been flooding the internet.



Salle is a 17 year old street hawker who’s life took a unexpected turn when a short clip of her singing to a random music beat with her heavenly voice. Despite many people criticizing the video saying it was all staged, it didn’t stop the girl to rise to fame within a short period of time. However, this kind of fame has some concerns as everyone knows that most musical contents on the internet are now sexualized and filled with indecent dressing. 


However, many of these concerns towards Salle are all for good, especially with a comment from a renowned author and gospeller, Reno Omokri took to his Facebook page to urge Reno Omokri Urges Salle’s Handlers to Make her Retain her Innocence. He wrote the following in that aspect;


May God bless and prosper her. I prefer her former look. Her talent is her voice, and her grass to grace story is her appeal. I hope those managing her don’t strip her of that undefiled innocence we saw barely a month ago. That unspoilt, pure innocence is her ticket to the top! There are so many artistes with sex appeal. That field is crowded. Adele set the record for longest-charting album by a female solo artist without losing her innocence. And I am confident Salle can go far with it.


However, the call made Reno towards Salle’s handlers sparked up some nerves among his fans and they said the following;

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I think the other pic was to get people’s attention, if she was that innocent, she won’t accept that new mode of dressing trust me


We shouldn’t mix things up here.. The second picture is her true self, the first wasn’t her true identity. Using adele as a case study if she goes from modesty to that look after platinum then that is her too but after fame she still keep the modesty mean that was her true self. Teni is modest and his sister nini is opposite.. Decency, humility, crazy, ego, rich and poverty are all state of mind.



I pray they don’t rough handle the innocent girl all in the name of Fame! God bless you Sir. I don’t know the relationship between music and nakedness.


Thank you very much sir for this I prefer her dressing before than now she is almost naked, or why not use this precious gift of her for God’s glory” rather opposite was the case and people are busy given God glory for singing worldly song; wether you agree with me or not God can not fake himself to please mail mortal, my God does not take glory in this kind of her song GBAM.

Salle Pictured one month after her life took a turn


Was she really poor and innocent? I think she played on people sentiments with her poverty stories. Her voice is good though.


Sir Reno You should understand that the whole scenario was stage managed and we all fell for it. Don’t expect her to look innocence she’s never been! Although we’re enjoying the show, A Star she is already! Congrats to her again.


I repeat instead of this girl to be use and dump is better she come and marry me now before she will turn to other actress and celebrities.


May God help her and deliver her from all evil. This is why churches must invest in talents. Make better sounds that are not like the one Chidinma kedike now sings like. Be melodious and sound unique!


May God please clear their minds and never strip her in the name of furnishing her. I could barely recognize this same beautiful girl.


That girl have never been innocent ooo from the beginning. Her photoshoot says it all. Everything na staged and we understand. I pray her management market her talent wella.

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