Reno Omokri Speaks on the Death of Sylvester Oromoni, says its a Reflection of What is happening in Nigeria Today

Reno Omokri a former presidential aid to president Goodluck Jonathan has spoken in respect of the death of Sylvester Oromoni Jnr., who died after he sustained injuries from beating his schoolmates gave him for refusing to join cult.



Reno, speaking about the death of the 12-year-old, in  a post he shared on his verified Facebook page, said the story around the death of the boy is a reflection of the things happening in our society.


He strongly maintained that Children imitate what they see adults do. Hence those boys bullying Sylvester is a manifestation of the things they see their parents and leaders do, In his words, Reno said;



What is happening in our schools is a reflection of what is happening in our society. Didn’t a Senator do to his colleagues almost exactly what those bullies did to Sylvester. Did he not even make away with the mace? Rather than punishment, Buhari rewarded him. The thugs he brought have never been punished.


In this same Nigeria, Miyetti Allah celebrated when killer herdsmen dealt with Benue State. Less than a week after their obscene celebration, Garba Shehu released a statement saying “Miyetti Allah deserve respect” (his exact words). Fish starts to get rotten from the head. Children imitate what they see adults do.


When you have a president who threatened that ‘the dog and baboon will be soaked in blood’, and that he will deal with Igbos “in the language they understand’, forcing Twitter to delete his tweet, what do you expect from children? Dowen College will be the result.


Fix our leadership problem and you will fix our youth problem! May God grant succour to the Oromoni family, and may those responsible for the death of Sylvester be brought to justice, first on Earth, and later in God’s Kingdom. In Christ’s Name, I pray.


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