Reno Omokri Shares More Proof That Natasha Akpoti Lied

Reno Omokri Shares More Proof That Natasha Akpoti Lied of him Making Advances on her despite been married, the gospeller and traveler shared the first proof earlier in his bid debunk the claims by Kogi state’s Natasha Akpoti, stating clearly that he was not even in the country in the period that Natasha Akpoti claimed he met Reno at the Presidential villa.



However, the first proof by Reno was deleted from both his Instagram and Facebook pages, on the bases that the posts are against their community guidelines with a notification that he might loose access to his page without any prior notice or his consent, if further violations are seen on his page.


How Did Reno Omokri Shares More Proof That Natasha Akpoti Lied

But deleting his posts from both his Instagram and facebook pages with a warning that he may loose access to his page didn’t make the deep thinker and a very meticulous record keeper to relent, he went ahead share more proofs which supports his claim that he was not in Nigeria at the said time Natasha Akpoti claimed he made (Reno Omokri) advances on her (Natasha Akpoti). He wrote on his page saying;

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Dear followers.
I am a very meticulous record keeper. After discussing with my lawyer yesterday, I deliberately released only 2 pages from my passport knowing that the said Natasha Akpoti would be tempted to pick holes in them. This is the same strategy I pulled when I released the #AmaechiTapes


Reno Omokri Shares More Proof That Natasha Akpoti Lied
First Proof that That Natasha Akpoti Lied which Reno Shared earlier


In the said Natasha’s case, I released only the biodata page of my passport and one other page. There was a third page which my lawyer asked me not to publish, to allow the said Natasha walk into our trap. In the case of the #AmaechiTape, I released only a few seconds of Amaechi’s voice and waited for the Presidency to deny the story, which they did. Then I released the rest of the evidence.



Now that the said Natasha Akpoti has responded and called me a liar, let me now release more of the evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that not only is this woman a liar, but that she is sponsored.  In the first photo, you will see that I arrived in San Francisco and had my passport stamped on arrival on April 28, 2014.


Reno Omokri Shares More Proof That Natasha Akpoti Lied
Final proof that shows Reno Omokri was not in the country when Natasha Akpoti claims he made advances in her.


In the second photo, which we deliberately did not publish yesterday, you will see that I had my passport stamped on arrival at Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport on May 10, 2014. President Uhuru Kenyatta visited Nigeria between May 4-7, 2014. The said Natasha Akpoti claimed that I made a pass at her during a Presidential banquet in his honour at Aso Rock.
If I had released the second page of my passport, the said Natasha would have changed the story and said that the incident occurred at another occasion.


So I was advised by my lawyer to deliberately release only one page and give the impression that I arrived on June 23, 2014, to trick her into making a statement that will implicate her when we go to court.  We also have more damning evidence against this blackmailer, which we will also release in court, including a correspondence from British Airways affirming that I flew in their plane on April 28, 2014 to San Francisco from London Heathrow, after arriving in London the previous day, and flew on their plane back to Nigeria.


She fell for my lawyer’s trap. It is very important to expose women like the said Natasha Akpoti, both on social media and in court, or they will destroy many innocent men, as they have done before.


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Reno Omokri also revealed that after he made the last revelation that truly, Natasha Akpoti was telling lies about Reno making advances on her which never happened, the lady went to her pages to delete the posts where she made those claims. At this point it was safe for Reno to assume without doubts that she was paid by some persons to frame him. He wrote on his page saying;


Dear followers,
The said Natasha AKpoti.has quickly deleted her incriminating post after i posted this. Go on her facebook page. It is no longer there. But it is too late. My lawyer has downloaded and printed it, She fell for his trick BIG TIME.



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