Reno Omokri Shares Damning Evidence of his Flight Itinerary

Reno Omokri Shares Damning Evidence of his flight itinerary from British airways to prove that indeed Natasha Akpoti lied against him making pass at her at the Presidential Villa at Abuja in 2014. 



This proof now supports the earlier shared proof of the supposed stamp on his passport which Natasha and some well-travelled Nigerians have come out to say that it doesn’t necessarily prove that he was not in the country when the said event took place at Abuja, thus pointing out some discrepancies in his passport which he presented as an evidence. 


The opposition and efforts made to shun the man didn’t stop the traveler, as Reno Omokri Shares Damning Evidence of his Flight Itinerary which was the flight ticket he used travel outside the country on April 27, 2014. Rights to privacy were waved as Reno Omokri Shares Damning Evidence of his Flight Itinerary, the following are his words;


Reno Omokri Shares Damning Evidence
Record of the British Airways itinerary used by Reno Omokri


More Evidence
We have been able to trace the British Airways itinerary number. It is I4TMLO. The reservation was made on April 22, 2014, while the e-ticket was issued to me on April 25, 2014.  The ticket was purchased through a travel agency which is owned and operated by a Mr. Olatunji Buhari, a popular and very, very successful businessman, who is well known in the travel and tours industry and can be reached via [email protected] and +234 802 882 7476.


With my last name (Omokri) and the Booking Reference Number (I4TMLO), any Nigerian journalists can approach either British Airways, or the travel agency, to authenticate the ticket. I hereby waive any right of privacy. I left Nigeria via a British Airways flight from Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport on Sunday, April 27, 2014, and landed in London Heathrow where I changed for a British Airways flight from London Heathrow to San Francisco, of which I landed an Monday April 28, 2014.


I also reserved an executive airport shuttle to my residence (Uber was not available in 2014), and you can see the reservation on the attached photo. I returned to Nigeria on Wednesday May 14, 2014, and my passport was stamped at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport, of which I provided the stamped passport page to journalists to independently verify with the Nigerian Immigration Services.



So, as you can now see, the allegation by the said Natasha H Akpoti that I asked her out during the May 6, 2014 State Banquet for Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta, which held at Aso Rock is a lie.

Reno Omokri Shares Damning Evidence
Proof or Airport shuttle reservation as Uber Wasn’t available in 2014

This lady is an agent of the Buhari administration sent to blackmail me. Her ‘friend’ and handler is a former PDP member who recently decamped to the APC and personally promised President Buhari that he had the capacity to cage me before the 2023 elections.


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You will note that after I tricked the said Natasha H Akpoti with partially released evidence, one Lauretta Onochie, who is a PA on social media to Buhari, took up the case and wrote a defence for the said Natasha, of which she later published it on her name on her Facebook page and followed up with a video, both of which she has now deleted along with the original accusation after I released yesterday’s damning evidence.


If she had not done that video yesterday, I could have let the matter die as I promised a very prominent man of God who called me on three way with **** to beg on her behalf. I gave my word that I would forgive her. But after she made that video, she breached the assurances I had been given when they appealed to me to forgive.


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He went ahead to add Even More Damning Evidence;

My travel agent, Mr. Tunji Buhari, has been able to secure the actual itinerary from British Airways. This is the final nail in the coffin for the blackmailers from Aso Rock, who used the said Natasha H Akpoti to try to bring me down with false allegations. Here is the ticket. Notice I left Nigeria on April 27, 2014 via a British Airways flight in Business Class (First Class for the American leg), and returned on May 9, 2014 (the flight landed on the 10th at Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport.


And as they say in Nigeria, end of discussion. Please I encourage all Nigerians to please buy their tickets from Tunji Buhari, who spent hours on the phone with British Airways to get these details for me without charging me a dime. How many other travel agents will do that for a man that is an enemy of the government in the country they operate from? He can be reached via [email protected] and +234 802 882 7476.

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