Reno Omokri Says Going to Church on Sundays is not Spiritual

Gospeller and avid traveller, Reno Omokri has shared his 2 cents on the cultre and ways of life of many in regards to going to church on Sunday.




The former presidential aid said that there is no biblical roots or command asking Christians to go to church on Sundays. He further to revealed that worshiping God on Sabbath day is Scriptural. He also said that white weddings simply cultures of the white men


He further shared some biblical quotes to backup his claims, saying that Christmas is a European culture, and not scriptural, unlike marking the death of Christ is Scriptural as seen in Luke 22:19.


Mr Omokri shared this with his followers on Facebook saying;



Going to church on Sundays is European culture. Going to worship on the Sabbath is Scriptural-Luke 4:16, Acts 17:2, Exodus 20:8-10, Exodus 31:16.


Christmas is European culture. Marking the death of Christ is Scriptural-Luke 22:19.
White weddings are European culture. Family weddings before your parents is Scriptural-Genesis 24:67.


Putting dead bodies in mortuary to give them a befitting burial is European culture. Burying people the same day they die is Scriptural-John 19:38-42, Acts 8:1-2.


Celebrating Easter is European culture. Celebrating the Passover is Scriptural-Acts 12:4 (read it in the King James Version, then read it in any other version and you will be shocked).


Listen brethren, let Scripture be your guide-2 Timothy 3:16, not your pastor, or your denomination, or any argument.


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