Reno Omokri Proofs that Natasha Akpoti Lied Against him Gets Deleted on Facebook and Instagram

Reno Omokri Proofs that Natasha Akpoti Lied Against him in a social media posts, has been deleted by Facebook and Instagram despite containing truthful evidence that the female politician lied against him. The media companies also threatened the gospeller that his social media accounts might get deleted without his consent.



Recall that on 13th October 2021, one Kogi Sate politician, Natasha Akpoti shared Reno made advances at her in 20214, at the Presidential Villa in Abuja despite being married with Children by then, but her fame was short-lived as Reno Omokri debunked her claims and showed proof that she was actually telling lies, and not being honest at the time.


Few hours after Reno Omokri share solid proofs showing a USA Immigration stamp on his passport 7years ago, to show that he entered the United States of America on April 28, 2014, thereby nulling her cheap claims, Facebook and Instagram which are own by Mark Zuckerberg took down the posts an issued a warning to Reno Omokri to avoid posting contents that are against their (Facebook and Instagram) community guidelines so as to not loose access to his accounts.


Reno took to this various social media handles to alert his followers that social media giants Facebook and Instagram have taken down his posts with proof that Natasha Akpoti Lied Against him truly lied against him.


He wrote to his followers saying;

The post where I exposed the lies told against me by one Natasha Akpoti was temporarily taken down from my Facebook page by Facebook after a coordinated series of reports by a syndicate. I have asked Facebook for a review.


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Until then, you can find it on my Instagram page. If they also succeed in taking it down from my Instagram page, it will be published on my ThisDay column. Thank you and may God bless you all.



But little did he know that the same would happen to the post on his Instagram page, and it was shortly after he made that prediction, the same posts was deleted from his IG page as well.. and with a warning that he may loose access to his IG page.

Reno Omokri Proofs that Natasha Akpoti Lied

He shared this news on his Facebook page saying;

Dear followers,

The post where I published photo evidence in the form of a US immigration stamp and Nigerian immigration stamp to prove that I was not in Nigeria on the day that one Natasha Akpoti alleged that I made a pass at her and asked for her number has been deleted by Instagram for violation of their terms.


Apparently, the woman, Natasha, did a giveaway on her Facebook page where she offered ₦10,000 to her followers and asked them to report me. There was also a WhatsApp blast sent out to APC members asking them to report me, That is okay.

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At least Punch and others newspapers published the information. I am also willing to send certified true copies of my passport page to any newspaper, television station, radio station, and media that want to publish the evidence. No matter how far falsehood has traveled, it must eventually be overtaken by truth. Thank you all for your support.



The gospeller also went further to vow to expose the lies his enemies foreign or domestic are making against him.


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