Reno Omokri Looses Facebook Account

Reno Omokri Looses Facebook Account after several of his posts which contains evidence that Natasha Akpoti truly lied against him for making a pass at her in Abuja while he was married got deleted by social media giants Facebook and Instagram, with a threat that he may loose access to his page.



The gospeller went on his verified professional facebook page to share the rather funny but unwelcoming news to his followers, he wrote;


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Dear followers,
I lost access to my personal profile after the said Natasha Akpoti did a giveaway to her supporters to encourage them to report my profile without basis. Facebook makes these judgments via Artificial Intelligence, and it is easy to trick the system by making a coordinated series of reporting, which they did three days ago. It seems it is permanent.



Reno Omokri Looses Facebook page, it is a profile I have had since 2007, so it grieves me that I appear to have permanently lost it. because of the antics of people who were motivated by ₦10,000 each. It is still there, but I can’t post anything or edit, delete, or affect it. But such is life.


However, I still have access to my professional Facebook page. That is why you only see me on the professional page my team created last year.
My Instagram page is a bit iffy too. They reported it. But God willing, it will stay on. However, even if it does get taken down, please follow my back up page @TheRenoOmokri.


I love you all and really wish I could buy you all tickets to join me in sunny Santorini, Greece, for a party to celebrate my vindication. But, you are all always in my mind.


By the way, this idol to my left (your right), is why I flew to Santorini. It is in their museum. It is a Jezebelic ah satan-ic marine spirit seductress demon, that was overcome by Greek Orthodox Christian monks. Now you know!


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