Reno Omokri Exposes Silas Wisdom, a Scammer who uses his Name to Defraud People

Reno Omokri has exposed a man name Silas Wisdom who according to him, is an over zealous individual who is using his name to scam unsuspecting persons of their money. Omokri who made it known several times that he hates poverty, hence uses his voice and skill to tutor and share his knowledge with his followers on how to make money online using your phone and internet.



The avid traveler started his channel for motivational and positive life teachings, but it took a huge turn and now he’s sharing his knowledge with fans on how to make money online via various channels like Youtube, Quora, Blogging, etc. He recently started teaching about NFT and cryptocurrency, that was how one Mr. Silas Wisdom saw it as an avenue to defraud unwitting followers using Reno Omokri’s name.


He shared the news on his Facebook page to alert his followers, not to fall for any moron who goes around defrauding people in his name. While exposing the scammer, he shared a post on his page which reads; 



We have caught him! The fellow who has been scamming people claiming to be me and asking my followers and other unsuspecting people to pay money so they can be trained on how to make money is one Silas Wisdom. His account number is 0616636243. All Nigerian accounts have a BVN with identity details.

Proof of Scammers chat and account Details
Proof of Scammers chat and account Details


We call on the Nigerian Police and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission to trace this scammer and prosecute him. I also call on Guaranty Trust Bank to investigate this account and take necessary action. By allowing this individual continue to operate an account, they are facilitating fraud and other criminal activities.


My staff pretended to have a chat with him as if they were potential victims in order to get his digital coordinates. He uses a UK WhatsApp number (+447451240376). We traced the usage of this number to Benin city, in Nigeria. Please comment and tag GTB. He duped a young man who borrowed money to pay him and now the youth is suicidal.


The youth only paid him because he thought he was paying me. Who knows how many people have committed suicide already because of this evil fellow. Let’s expose him people!  #TableShaker #RenosMasterClass


Silas Wisdom who has been on scamming spree for sometime now didn’t know that Reno was already investigating him, when several reports were made. Mr Omokri and his staff went underground to expose the name behind the scams, and called upon the appropriate authorities to bring  the scammer to books.


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