Reno Omokri Congratulates Davido on Donating his ₦201m Birthday Money to Orphanage

Several Nigerians have in one way or another shown happiness or being impressed or disappointment when Davido said her might give away all the money that was sent to him as birthday gift. Reno Omokri was also inclusive, the avid traveler Congratulates Davido on Donating his ₦201m Birthday Money to Orphanage.



In a post which he shared on his new FB page after the old one was lost, Omokri described Davido’s acts as an illustration of how vain the human life can be, hinting that many of the donors have never given any dime to an orphanage beofre but wouldn’t hesitate to send ₦1m to Davido, knowing fully well that there is a neighbour beside them that needs the money.


Reno Omokri in his words;

To show you how vain human nature is, very few people will donate ₦1 million to orphanages, who really need the money. But they will fall over themselves to donate ₦1 million to Davido, who doesn’t need the money.



Davido understood that. And did what he did. If he had asked them to donate to orphanages, you won’t see the deluge of Naira rain you saw. Davido showed a deep understanding of human nature.


I personally believe that this was his intention all along. And I love how he added ₦50 million of his own money. That will show those who said that he was doing this because he is broke that they are the ones who are broke, both morally and financially.


Bravo David Adeleke. Bravo!  #RenosNuggets #FreeLeahSharibu


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