Reno Omokri Challenges Osibanjo Supporters to name 1 Campaign Promise Achieved by Yemi Osibanjo and get $1000 Free

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Former presidential aide, Reno Omokri has challenges supporters of vice president, Osibanjo, to name any single 2015 campaign promise that has been fulfilled by Yemi Osibanjo and get $1000 free.


Reno Omokri made this challenge to support his analysis earlier, that vice-president Yemi Osibanjo’s declaration speech was watery and baseless. Adding that all the person has to do is to quote the said 2015 campaign promise and state when and where it was achieved.

he made this challenge on his fcebook page, via a post which reads;

Can anybody name a specific achievement Osinbajo listed in his declaration speech and get $1000?




I am not talking about promises. I refer to an achievement. For instance, ‘I promised this in 2015, and I delivered this in 2022’. I need one Osinbajo supporter to respond and get $1000.


No argument. No quibbling. No negotiation. Just quote from the speech one specific promise Osinbajo made in 2015, and one specific fulfilment in 2022, that was included in his speech. I am eagerly waiting!

Reno Omokri Challange to Osibanjo Supporters
Reno Omokri Challange to Osibanjo Supporters



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