Reno Omokri Challenges Bola Tinubu to Jump, Dance, Play Football, Same way Obasanjo Did on his 85th Birthday

Ever since Bola Tinubu made public announcement of his intentions of running for the president of Nigeria, former presidential aide has been doing all things possible to prove to Nigerians that Tinubu, in his opinion, is not the best candidate for 2023.



In his recent tweet, Pastor Reno challenged the presidential hopeful to show a demonstration of his youthful age, since, he (Tinubu) said he is 69yrs and he is a youth, fit to led Nigeria, a country of 200million souls.



He shared his challenged in a tweet he made on his twitter page on Saturday, Reno wrote on his handle, saying;



General Obasanjo turned 85 years old today. He ran. He played football. He scored two goals. He danced. He jumped up. He played squash. He sang loudly.

Then he gave an interview to reporters. He did all today. Tinubu is 69 years old. Can he do one quarter of these?








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