Reno Omokri Calls out Isa Pantami for Supporting Killing of Unbelievers

Self-acclaimed #buharitormentor, best selling author and gospeller, Reno Omokri has call called out Isa Pantami – the Federal Minister of Communications and Digital Economy of Nigeria for a comment he made stating that he is happy when unbelievers (non-Muslims) are killed.



A caption of the article from Sahara Reporters

Reno Omokri made this call while sighting an article published by Sahara reporters on April 2021 with title We Are All Happy When Unbelievers Are Killed — Minister Pantami. He also disclosed that Pantami was still awarded a ministerial position despite making such outrageous comment towards the killings or unarmed civilians in the country.


In a post shared on his verified page, Reno Omokri wrote;

Isa Pantami said on camera that he is happy when non Muslims are killed. He was rewarded with a ministerial position in a juicy ministry. Chiwetalu Agu wore a Biafran flag in protest of people who were killed. He was rewarded with beating and arrest. What sort of country is Nigeria?


A country where Sheikh Gumi, the spokesman for terrorist bandits is hailed, while Igboho, the defender against terrorist bandits is jailed? Where Boko Haram are rehabilitated and #EndSARS protesters are devastated at #LekkiMassacre. Where money is borrowed in Nigeria’s name and spent in Niger Republic’s name?

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The call however sparked some emotion among users and the following are their comments;


We practiced two constitution in Nigeria…..Nigeria constitution which is meant for South and Sharia constitution meant for the North…….make them split the country,they said no because they know they have no value….and standing alone will destroy them


To be candid with everyone, I’m happy this administration comes to place, it helps us know those who meant well as a region and those who has synical intention about the country


It clearly shows us the level each region has and those who never wish the country well God I hold you praises for allowing buhari comes back to expose and teaches us a true pictures of those we are living with as brothers in this country


This is the one Nigeria you people preach, we can never be one. This is the reason why the spirit of Biafra has not died even after 50 years of Biafran war and it can never die. You can’t oppress people and at the same time expect them to remain at peace with you.

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NB:  here is a pdf link to the article shared by Sahra Reporters for reference purposes, Get pdf here


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