Protests Erupts in Onitsha Electronics Market as Oga Settles Apprentice with ₦100k After Serving for 13 Years (Video)

Members of the of Electrical International Dealers Market, Onitsha, on Saturday stood up against a man who settled his apprentice with ₦100k after the boy had lived and served him for 13 Years.
It was gathered that the boy started living with his oga at a very young age, and had already lived 4years with the man for testing, before officially starting his apprenticeship.
After 9years of serving under the man as his apprentice, the man settled his apprentice (known as nwa boy in the South East Nigeria) with ₦,100,000.
The members of the Electrical International Dealers Market, Onitsha, heard the news and frowned at the actions of the oga, hence did a peaceful protest inside the market.

The man was confronted in front of his shop but he didn’t say a word. The members of the electronics dealers market, tagged his actions as ritualist.




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