President Milos Zeman of Czech Republic Appoints Prime Minister from inside glass box After Testing Positive to Covid-19

President Milos Zeman of Czech Republic has swear in the country’s new prime minister Petr Fiala to perform the duties of leading the country after he was tested positive for Covid.


According to pictures of the private swearing- in which was shared shared online showed Milos Zeman greeting Petr Fiala from inside a cubicle during a ceremony at his residence near Prague on Sunday. 


It was reported that the 77-year-old President Zeman (born 28 September 1944), wheeled in by a medic who was in full protective gear, caught Covid during a six-week stay in intensive care for unrelated issues.


Mr. Fiala, 57, who leads a bloc of five centre and center-right opposition parties that won an election in October, has called on people in the Czech Republic to get vaccinated.


The new government will have to tackle a new wave of Covid infections that is threatening to overwhelm hospitals and an energy crisis, after the collapse of a large electricity provider.


Mr. Fiala, who expects his cabinet to be appointed in mid-December, said: “The new government has a very complicated time ahead and many challenges… I want it to be a government of change for the future.”


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